Our services

​Our company provides high quality services in the essential fields for the complete system design

FPGA design

Proven experience implementing designs with XILINX families from SPARTAN to ZYNC.


  • SOC design including interfaces to external high performance DDR/2/3 memories

  • Highly integrated systems with custom logic design 

  • Implementation of digital signal processing (DSP) blocks

  • High speed serial interfaces:  Serial GbE, PCIe and more

  •  Design of a custom AMBA BUS peripherals, including high performance cores with DMA capabilities and simple peripherals with SW accessible registers and custom user logic

  • System formal verification

  • MCU design from microcontrollers to micro-processors

Board design 

Full flow board design, from idea to prototype. flexible design by client parameters to layout prototyping and integration. in-house  and at client location.


  • High speed board design

  • High speed memory componants/ DIMM

  • High speed serial interfaces (PCIe, 10GbE)

  • Design simulation - time delay, cross talk impedance.

  • General perpose analog board design

Software design

All projects, which includes the development of various software components, are designed by our partner Natix System Ltd, which has a proven experience to implement a complex embedded applications running on soft/hard core processors (PowerPC, Microblaze and ARM Cortex A9), and much more…

  • Windows-based applications

  • Real Time applications

  • DSP applications

  • Communication